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Hong Kong Zhonghua Electric Group Co., Ltd. is an international professional cable, motor, transformer test instrument equipment research unit. Committed to the testing and maintenance of power cables, communication cables, communication optical cables, large generators, large transformers. Accumulating and innovating, we have created the first-class international technology level, and have a number of patented technology, which integrates Ramp;D, production, sales and service. Our products cover all provinces and cities in China, and have thousands of customers at home and abroad. Our service covers various applications of optical cables, high voltage cable fault detection, location, identification, technical maintenance of communication industry, fault detection of railway electrical cables, cable fault detection, optical cable identification survey, universal low voltage cable fault detection, large generator rotor inter-turn short circuit detection and other fields. It fills in the...

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Details determine success or failure, quality founds brilliance

Through the intelligent integration of unparalleled physical and digital detection and measurement technology, we have obtained first-class products,
advanced reference materials and a large number of expert assistance to interpret the world around us. We cooperate with you to accelerate the pace of innovation and transcend all possibilities.

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